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nordic steam

September 2012

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arkivarie in nordic_steam

Hey Guys!

Let's see some action here!!! :-) What type of  Steamy goodness are you working on? I'm working on an outfit from the boots up - I got really cool Granny Boots at the after Christmas sales and have made the skirt part of  my dress.  I'm going for a "after the yacht capsized, our gallant party washed up on the beach of a deserted island populated by cannibals and dinosaurs so I just had to make do" type of outfit. I sewed my skirt to a sleeveless t-shirt that won't show when I've put on a shirt and some type of vest or bodice.



Sorry for not answering your nice post on steamfashion, but I went a big grumpy after the "I had a bad day so lets yell at someone who tries to introduce them self after we just had this big conversation about advertising on here" post, It was very nice of you to tell him/her to give it a rest, that was what I thought, but I did not have the energy to argue about it.

I had no idea that there were a Textile Museum in Borås, so I totally have to check that out if I get the chance to go there :) perhaps I'll force my boyfriend to go on a trip with me :)

I have to many things in my head right now, and no time to sew them, and no sewing machine either, it is at my mom's place. but I'm working on a jacket in "ragstitch" style on hte weekends (think http://www.gibbousfashions.com/) but a bit "cleaner", black of course since I want to match the rest of my "gothwardrobe".

And I want to sew a bustle kind of skirt to, tea dyed cotton, with a nice cotton lace on the bottom. I have the fabric, a old curtain, all cut out, so it is the sew together part that is left.

And I'm making a carpetbag, since I'm in big need of a bag right now my old "sack" (it actually IS a sack with handles on)is getting tired of being a bag.


Currently, I'm trying to pin down the science of electrolytic etching, or Galvanoplasty as the original denomination goes. Very steamy, I might add, being developed as a method during the mid 19th century. I'll be sure to post my results, when I get them. Currently I've burnt a couple of fuses - the solution is too conductive...