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nordic steam

September 2012

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Maika - Waterwalk

eve_n_furter in nordic_steam

Toot from Norway!

Hi, this is my first post here, nice to see you. :) Since it's a bit far between posts here, I just thought I'd say a little bit about my own relation to steampunk and you can join in the comments if you want?

My first impressions of steampunk was from "Maika - jenta frå verdsrommet" (Spadla z oblakov) and of course: Pinchcliffe Grand Prix:

Both very enjoyable and with amazing special effects for their era. (Any other fans of these out there?)

Then I discovered Barbarella - who I have written a bit about here (slightly NSFW) - and was forever damaged. ;) I also very much love classic horror & scifi, plus modern steampunk in art. Like the wonderful Girl Genius online comic, the haunting art of Jeremy Geddes or the intricacies of Jacek Yerka.

It is not that I'm "all consumed" by steampunk as I lifestyle, but I love following the steamfashion community and WILL buy myself clockwork earrings one day, just you wait and see. And I am fairly active in fandom generally (on scandafandom for fandom discussion in Scandinavian) and love to get fandom friends. (I have actually promoted this community there, on a list of fandom resources.)

Well, thanks for reading. I'd love to hear how you came into steampunk and see your best steampunk links too. :)
ETA: I do realize that my understanding of steampunk as is pretty broad, and more centred on style than on era. Hope nobody is offended by my post in that regard.